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     It all began in 1859 when a group of German Immigrants decided to form a church that they could attend and study the Word of God.  It was accomplished in the year 1863 with the leadership of Rev. Peter Greding. 

     The first two pictures above highlight the many phases of the next church structure that went through many alterations over the next phases of ministry.  It was during this time that the church reached a height of attendance, growth and ministry.  Classes were filled with all ages as the community embraced one another in the midst of the Depression and World Wars to follow.  Rev. Richard Vitz served as pastor for 26 years. He was the thirteenth pastor for the congregation.
      In 2002 the Congregation took steps to leave the United Church of Christ.  They then joined the Conservative Christian Congregational Conference.  We continue to maintain the authority of Scripture, the Deity of Christ, Salvation through Christ alone, the sacraments of Baptism and Communion and the need for mutual growth, accountability and love for one another.

      In 2006 the congregation voted to expand and create the Handicapped Accessibility Addition to the existing structure.  Through this addition we now have greater access to all areas of the church for all individuals.  New restrooms were also added to the entry level.  We continue to look forward to discipleship, prayer and growing in Godís Word.

    The third picture is of our church structure today.  On November 1, 2007 the congregation broke ground to make the existing structure handicap accessible and provide the new entrance with car port.  This has added to our ability to meet the needs of individuals as they worship, serve and use the building for God and His glory.

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