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Dear Church Family,
              I love reading Oswald Chamber's devotional, "My Utmost for His Highest". Today, I was reminded of something very important, and we must never forget this, or what Jesus did at Calvary will lose its significance... The Cross did not happen to Jesus, He came on purpose for it! Let me say that again, "the Cross did not happen to Jesus, He came on purpose for it". Jesus did not stumble out in front of the Cross, like a runaway train, and get run over. But, He stepped out in front of the "death train", on purpose, met it head-on, grabbed it with His bare hands, and "derailed it" for anyone that was willing to trust Him as their Lord and Savior. From the very beginning of time, Jesus had made an appointment to be standing at the crossing, the crossing of life and death, and had purposed to lay a new set of tracks, a new way of transportation, with a guaranteed destination. The devil tries to get us off onto other "side tracks", but our "Engineer" has a steady hand and His eyes are set upon that glorious station ahead. There are plenty of seats still available, on the "Grace Express", and the tickets are paid for, thanks to Jesus, and I pray you have yours. All aboard! Selah!

Pastor Gary Beatty